By Douglas Parker

The good folk of small town Fulton are dying in a horror of bleeding and hallucination.

It is up to the town’s redoubtable Chief of Police, Marion Quirke, and it’s only doctor, Shona Price, to find the truth…

Reviews by Science Thriller Readers

“A cracking good read – easy yet gripping”

Laurian M George

“Great writing and likeable characters. Interesting read. I recommend it to anyone who líkes an exciting medical política corrupción storyline.”

Amazon Customer

“I read a lot of this genre and this is one of the best I’ve read. In particular, the plot was believable and backed up by plausible detail. The characters behaved like real people. The book was easy to read. I would recommend it.”

Terry Cameron

“Fantastic,exciting,very true.I look forward in reading your nexk book. Great work, page turner, just keep reading until youi finish.”

Antony Gent

Science Thriller Author

Douglas Parker

New Zealand Author